Wilson Staff FG Tour TC Wedges

the next generation of FG Tour Wedges - featuring Traction Control (TC) technology which entails spin-enhancing features for all shots.

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  • Unique Sole Design

Traditional Sole: features optimal width and camber for a player with a medium to steep swing.
Tour Grind Sole: features a thinner effective sole width for players with a medium to shallow angle of attack and players who like to play a variety of shots around the green.


  • Face Technology

Proprietary Tour-Y Groove design and 11 laser-etched micro-spin enhancers between each scoreline for maximum spin on both full and partial shots.
Both grooves and lines stand near the USGA maximum for surface roughness.


  • Versatility

Two sole options and nine different loft/bounce combinations; thus, a choice of 54 unique loft/bounce/sole configurations can be achieved through custom fitting.