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  • Refined Design and Cosmetics - Precisely engineered surfaces and edges with over thirty shape and blend improvements. Elegant, framed, double milled red-dot graphics. Framed, double bevel weights.
  • Precision Milled Body - CNC milled 303 stainless steel for great feel. Sleek neck, topline, face and toe profiles, refined flange and pocket.
  • Deep Face Mill - Provides a soft, Tour-preferred feel and sound.
  • Black Mist Finish - Rich, dark, glare free black finish combined with red-dot graphics to create a modern but timeless look.
  • Select Weighting - Heel-toe weighting perfectly matched to the shaft length, or the player's feel preference.
  • Perfectly Square Set-up and Softened High Toe - Precisely milled critical angles in the face, sole and neck insure the putter sits perfectly square. Balanced profiles that flow to the ground. Gently angled toe aids square alignment and reduces the player tendency to pull putts by raising the toe at address.