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  • Refined Design and Cosmetics  Precisely engineered surfaces and edges with elegant lines and blends. Framed, double milled red-dot graphics. Framed, double bevel weights.
  • Precision Milled Body  CNC milled, soft 303 stainless steel body with thicker face and topline for solid feel.
  • Deep Face Mill and Great Sound  Provides a soft, Tour-preferred feel and sound. Aluminum sole plate with internal ring produces great mallet sound.
  • Black Mist Finish  Rich, dark, glare free black finish combined with red-dot graphics to create a modern but timeless look.
  • Select Weighting  Heel-toe weighting perfectly matched to the shaft length, or the player's feel preference.
  • Draft Sole  Triple angled sole for square set up with camber for smooth takeaway.