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The Gorge groove at PING is milled to hold very tight tolerances to ensure maximum spin. By managing the process, we can achieve the optimal size and shape of grooves for generating consistent, reliable spin and trajectories for confident shot making. The 17-4 stainless steel head has a traditional shape and features a custom tuning port in the back cavity that expands the perimeter weighting, creating a high MOI and a very solid feel across the face.

  • GORGE GROOVES  the groove's dimensions - width, depth, spacing, radius and wall angles are precision milled by PING machinists to maximise spin for control and consistency.
  • 3 SOLE WIDTHS  three different sole widths help you fit a wedge to your game and playing conditions.  Thin sole (TS) for shallower swings, the standard sole (SS) for most swing styles and the wide sole (WS) if you have a steeper angle of attack.
  • STANDARD SOLE (SS)  The versatile SS features moderate bounce and performs well in all playing conditions and with shallow or steep attack angles.
  • WIDE SOLE (WS)  If you take deep divots, the WS has the most bounce of the three Tour wedges to improve your turf interaction and prevent excessive digging.
  • THIN SOLE (TS)  If you play mostly in firm conditions and have a shallow approach angle, the TS will help you get the lead edge under the ball more easily and impart spin.