Ping G30 Fairway Wood

generating distance with control.

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Hot Face
Faster ball speeds and greater distance come from a larger face made of a uniform-thickness Carpenter 475 steel, creating a thin but strong hitting surface that maximizes face deflection. (Carpenter 475 steel is 44% stronger than 17-4 stainless steel.) Weight saved by thinning the face was redistributed to optimize the CG and elevate MOI for added forgiveness.
5-Setting Adjustability
Fine-tune your launch angle and spin rate by adding or subtracting up to 1 degree of loft with PING's five-setting Trajectory Tuning +, utilizing a lightweight, adjustable hosel. Settings on the 3-wood (14.5°), 5-wood (18°) and 7-wood (21°) are standard, + 0.6°, + 1°, - 0.6°, and - 1°.
Crown Turbulators
Turbulators in the fairway woods create a captured appearance with the ball, and help with aim and alignment to inspire confidence. They also reduce drag and increase clubhead speed for greater distance.
Progressive CGs
A low and deep CG in the 3-wood promotes high launch with optimal spin. The CG progresses more forward and lower in the 5- and 7-woods to keep launch angle and spin uniquely optimized for distance and control in each clubhead.
Larger Face
The face is taller to allow for additional face bending that generates ball speed and distance while also increasing the MOI for improved forgiveness and accuracy. The flatter top rail provides a square, more inspirational appearance at address for greater confidence.