CS 2 Putting Training Aid

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" Begin by ensuring that your putter face is square to the T line on the base plate. This develops a good habit of lining the putter head up square to the target line"
Ian Poulter
With a little practice, you will train your eyes to recognize a square clubface every time. The key is to reaffirm what a square clubface is in your mind during your practice sessions so you will always immediately recognize if your putter face is not square.
" Always line your feet and shoulders up parallel to the target line on the runway and the line on the base plate. Doing this every time you practice will allow you to develop a good feel for what proper alignment is"
Ian Poulter
As you can see from the image, the lower part of the Address T on the baseplate will provide a perfect alignment guide at address. The extended line on the runway will further help you see the line to the target.
" Creating a consistent stroke path and repeateable putting stroke is the holy grail of all great putters. The flexible rail settings on the base plate will allow you to find your own perfect putting stroke"
Ian Poulter
The CS2 does not try to force you to putt one way. If you use a conventional putter, belly or broomstick, the CS2 will accommodate your stroke and preferred style. Feel free to experiment to find the path you feel is your natural repeatable stroke. Once you find the stroke that feels best for you, simply lock it in by taking note of your numbers on the base plate. These are your ideal stroke path numbers. If you know your numbers you can set the CS2 in the exact same position every time you practice. Whether at home, the office, or on the practice green the CS2 allows you to practice perfectly every time.
" Being able to return the putter face back to square at impact is critical to making more putts. Once you are regularly hitting the ball through the end gates, and therefore along your intended line of putt, you will be well on your way to becoming a better putter."
Ian Poulter
The specially designed runway plate has gates 18” inches out. Just hit your putts and if the ball goes through the gate, you know your putter face is square. If they hit either gate you will know the face was open or closed. It is that simple!
" You can have a perfect stroke at impact, and hit the ball along your intended line, but if your pace is wrong you will not make the putt. The CS2 Putting Cup is a great tool for learning to match up line with speed"
Ian Poulter
The CS2 putting Cup is great for home use, but can also be used on the green. Hit the ball too firmly, and the ball will bounce over the back. Too softly, and it will not go in. At the perfect pace the ball will go into the cup and roll out the side exit. This allows you to make multiple puts without having to clear the cup.