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As an interactive portal for golf enthusiasts looking for unique insight into the golf equipment world, Tour Pro Golf Clubs has its finger firmly on the pulse from 'inside the ropes' of all the major championships. Tour Pro Golf Clubs brings its users closer to the world’s leading golfers than ever before with an independent view of the clubs used on the circuit.

Sign-up to the members' area and receive access to detailed information on the newest golf equipment in the bags of the world’s best. From drivers and irons to wedges and putters, Tour Pro Golf Clubs throws a spotlight on the clubs they trust to go in their bag.

With so many golf brands out there and product lists as long as the most daunting of par 5’s, knowing what golf equipment to put in your bag is far from an easy decision. If you want to know what’s hot on the courses then Tour Pro Golf Clubs should be your first port of call for a clear indication of the most played golf clubs on tour.

Within the members' area you can browse through the leading golf brands and clubs used by the top 100 golfers in the world rankings. Share your favourites with friends, add them to your buyer’s wish list or even buy them direct through our retail links at Tour Pro Golf Clubs and emulate your favourite golfing stars.

We also delve deeper into the world of golf via our Tour Pro Insider, who covers major US and European Tour events throughout the calendar, finding out all the latest equipment news and chatter from the greens. If you hear reports of the insider being spotted on the driving range, in one of the manufacturer’s trucks or even queuing at a burger van, all are likely to be true. Keep up to date with the Tour Pro Insider on Twitter @tourproinsider.